Window Blinds in Burnie

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Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds come in several different blade widths.  The tracks are the most up-to-date model, featuring an aesthetically pleasing shape.  Vertical blinds allow you to control the light and privacy in a room.


Curtains instantly soften a room and they are great for insulation.  There are many different fabrics and styles that are available - call or book a free measure and quote to discuss the many choices.  Matching valances, tiebacks and cushions are also available.

Curtains and Blinds available in Devonport & Burnie

Vision Blinds

These blinds are very new and stylish, made up of layers of both opaque and translucent fabrics they can either give privacy or open up the room.

Timber Venetians

There's not much that eclipses the beauty of natural wood!  Timber venetians capture that beauty.  They're also available in a wood look finish.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are simply elegant, they fold up to sit at the top of the window frame, there are various different operating methods to suit you.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are available in many different fabrics.  Many people have two roller blinds, one for privacy and one for blockout, these can be installed on a double bracket or separately.

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Slimline Venetians

Softline venetian blinds have a curved headrail, the slats come in both 25 and 15mm with a wide range of colours.  These blinds allow you to control the light in the room, they're also available as "privacy" blinds which cuts down on the light that comes into the room.

Panel Blinds

These blinds are wide panels set on a track.  They are especially good for wide windows and always make a statement!

Cellular Blinds

These blinds are especially good for insulation because of the hexagonal pockets.  These blinds are very classy, they're available with various different cell sizes.  These can also be used for skylights.

Pleated Blinds

These blinds are very compact and stylish - make a statement!